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A projector is also a home appliance. It is part of our life and should be arranged according to our own lifestyle and our own needs. Many articles have been detailed in the installation and debugging of the projector. Although when you buy a projector in general, there will be a special technician to come […]

The differences between LED, LCD, and DLP projectors

Difference between LCD, DLP and LED projectors

When we’re browsing through the internet for projectors, these terms come up most often – DLP projector, LCD projector, LED projector, which might confuse consumers. And here we’re going to clarify the differences between LED, LCD, and DLP projectors. At a quick glance, DLP projectors are similar to both LED and LCD projectors, however, the […]

Intro – LED Projectors

what is a led projector - iCODIS blog

LED projectors have been gaining a lot of buzz lately because of how swiftly the technology works. Instead of using the traditional halogen lamp as the light source like  most of the old projectors, they use of LED (light-emitting diodes) in order to project video content on a flat screen. This is quickly becoming a […]

What is a DLP projector?

What is a DLP projector - iCODIS blog

You have most likely used a DLP projector, whether you know it or not. In general, there are three types of projectors on the market today – LED, LCD, and DLP projectors. DLP projectors are no doubt one of the most advanced type of projectors out there now. DLP projector DLP is short for Digital […]

LCD vs DLP: Which is the best?

LCD projector vs DLP projector, which is better

Projectors have emerged as the latest display technology being used at workplace as well as at homes. Previously it was being used at offices or educational institutes only, however, now it is being used in homes as TV also. Since this gives a cinema like experience, people have started using such technology especially for watching […]