Current free shipping policy mainly covers regions including US, Japan, Canada, Australia, UK, France, Italy, Spain, and other  European countries.

Our shipments are primarily fulfilled via DHL Express, and follows their terms and conditions  which can be found here:

For US, EU, and Japan, we utilise Amazon FBA :

“Why is Shipping so Expensive to X-Country?”:
Because our prices are all in dollars, the shipping fees attached to your particular country reflect not only the shipping price, but also additional taxes.

Our Shipping fees are as follows:

For Europe a flat $30 fee.
For the UK, Australia, and Japan a flat $40,
For the US, enjoy free shipping on goods below 2kg, or $20 for any goods above 2kg.

Outside of those regions, shipping is a flat $20 for items below 2kg, and is a flat $40 for packages above 2kg.

“How long does it take to ship?”

As soon as your payment has been processed, shipping and fulfilment takes 5-9 day.