iOCHOW Ultrasonic Cleaner

  • [Suitable For Cleaning A Varity of Small Items] As a fully functional ultrasonic cleaner,the iOCHOW MC100 is an ideal tool for cleaning your small items efficiently – Including glasses, false teeth, jewelry, watches, etc.
  • [Coming With A Double-Head Cleaning Device] The iOCHOW MC100 cleaner comes with a double-head cleaning device, which substantially improves its cleaning effect.
  • [A Perfect Device For Cleaning Hidden Dirt] The iOCHOW MC100 cleaner is designed by inertia principle, so it can easily remove the dirt and oil hidden in the slits of any small item.
  • [Adjustable Running State] The iOCHOW MC100 has two work mode – ‘STRONG’ and ‘WEAK’. the ‘WEAK’ mode is very useful for cleaning small precision instruments.
  • [With A Larger Volume] The volume of the iOCHOW MC100 is larger than mosUltrasonic Cleanert ultrasonic cleaners in the present, so that you can clean relatively larger items with it.(1.2L)

$95.00 $87.00