iOCHOW DN1 Heater

  • [A Practical PTC Heater]Coming with the most advanced PTC heating system, the iOCHOW DN1 heater has the capability of adjusting the temperature automatically and preventing the surfaces from overheating. In addition, its service life is longer than the heaters using other heating systems. (Rated Voltage: 240V, Rated Power: 950W, Rated Frequency: 60HZ)
  • [Made of High-quality ABS Plastic, Safe and Durable]The surfaces of the iOCHOW DN1 heater are made of high-quality ABS plastic, which ensures that the device is not easy to be burned by the high temperature inside.
  • [No Potential Safty Hazard]To avoid serious accidents, such as fires or electric shocks, the iOCHOW DN1 ceramic heater adopts the latest security technology – if it’s turned over or falls down suddenly, the device will turn itself off immediately.
  • [Good for Health]The iOCHOW DN1 heater is nontoxic and wholly without peculiar smell, and can purify the air to a certain extent while working.
  • [Scientific Design Concept]Thanks to the scientific design concept, the iOCHOW DN1 space heater provides 3 running modes for users – REGULAR WIND, SOFT, and STRONG. Also, it can work quietly at all hours to avoid interfering with your work and sleep.

$75.00 $60.00