CB-400 Software Update – Multilingual Support & Other Fixes!

EDIT: We’ve updated the software file, if you had any issues updating, these should now be Fixed! We’ll also be uploading a “how to install the update” video within the next few days! Hey everyone, We’ve got another update for our beloved CB-400! The update provides support for multi-lingual support, as well as minor bug-fixes here […]

12 Most Anticipated Summer 2017 Movies!

Welcome to our rundown of the most anticipated Summer 2017 movies! We’ve rounded up the top 12 movies that we’re most looking forward to; whether they’re going to be great, interesting, or just plain fun. Check out the list below (in no particular order) to see iCodis’ staff picks: Alien: Covenant The highly anticipated “Sequel” […]

Patch.com Shout-out!

This is a short post just to say thank you to Rahul Yadav over at www.patch.com, for linking www.projecticodis.com as their MUST HAVE mini-projector. iCodis fell under one of the five sections – “Presentation Tools” – in their recent “Must Have Mobile Technologies Before Going on a Business Trip” article! Read the full article HERE And […]

Portable projectors

  Portable projectors or minis as I like to call them first debuted at CES 2014 in large numbers and since then their performance has been increasing dramatically. There have been improvements in efficiency, brightness and resolution, battery life, and also price points. The companies offering these devices are constantly improving the value proposition and […]