How’s WIFI connection really working?

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Wifi connection now seems an indispensable function for projectors, but is this function working as it’s expected? Wifi projectors, or we say wireless projectors help remove the hassle of cables. Especially for mini projectors, this functionality provides more flexibility. If it’s for a business demonstration, presenters can place the portable projector anywhere without cables and […]

What to look into before buying a pico projector

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Pico projectors have gained more popularity over the recent years with its portability and versatile appearances, a large number of pico projector manufacturers have also emerged. Faced with all these choices, what buyers should look into for pico projectors? 3D playback function Some buyers require 3D function for more authentic watching experience. To meet this […]

Main Factors of Projector Pricing

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For all the projectors avaliable in the market now, different  price ranges still exist. You can see both projectors tagged over  $1,000 and projectors sold under $100.For sure, more money means enhanced quality, longer product life and better user experience, etc. Still it would be nice to know why these projectors are priced so.  Common […]

Safety Precaution for Ceiling Mount Projectors

Ceiling mount projector installation If there’s the need of installing the projector on the ceiling, it is recommended to use the suitable installation kit, also make sure that the device has been correctly and securely installed. To avoid the safety risk, do pay full attention when matching different parts and the specification. A safety suspension […]

100 inches projection size?

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We’ve often come across the parameter ‘100 inches projection size’ in the description/detail section, some may comprehend this ‘100 inches’ as the width or height of the projection screen. Well, this ‘100 inches’ is referring to the diagonal length. Let’s take a closer look at the exact height and width of the projection screen? In […]

Projector or Flatscreen TVs?

There are times we use flatscreens, there are also times we use projectors. It is really not necessary to applaud this one over another. Here’s a brief comparison between projector & flatscreen TVs, including main parameters that are considered by major consumers. Portability In terms of the device size, projectors do obtain the full advantage. […]