iOCHOW DN1 Heater

  • [A Practical PTC Heater]Coming with the most advanced PTC heating system, the iOCHOW DN1 heater has the capability of adjusting the temperature automatically and preventing the surfaces from overheating. In addition, its service life is longer than the heaters using other heating systems. (Rated Voltage: 240V, Rated Power: 950W, Rated Frequency: 60HZ)
  • [Made of High-quality ABS Plastic, Safe and Durable]The surfaces of the iOCHOW DN1 heater are made of high-quality ABS plastic, which ensures that the device is not easy to be burned by the high temperature inside.
  • [No Potential Safty Hazard]To avoid serious accidents, such as fires or electric shocks, the iOCHOW DN1 ceramic heater adopts the latest security technology – if it’s turned over or falls down suddenly, the device will turn itself off immediately.
  • [Good for Health]The iOCHOW DN1 heater is nontoxic and wholly without peculiar smell, and can purify the air to a certain extent while working.
  • [Scientific Design Concept]Thanks to the scientific design concept, the iOCHOW DN1 space heater provides 3 running modes for users – REGULAR WIND, SOFT, and STRONG. Also, it can work quietly at all hours to avoid interfering with your work and sleep.
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iOCHOW S1 Document Scanner

  • [Practical Software]the S1 scanner has a number of functions using the latest technologies, such as intelligent continuous shooting, OCR word recognition, SDK & TWAIN, automatic correction & filling the broken edge of the scanned pages, automatic image segmentation, automatic merging of both sides of the scanned ID photo, and erasing the excess parts, etc.
  • [Easy to Use]As a carefully designed scanner, the S1 scanner is very easy for the users to install it and use related software.
  • [Excellent Design]the S1 scanner is collapsible and portable, and the relative heavy base makes the structure stabler.
  • [Powerful Basic Functions]the S1 scanner has a lot of advantages, including a 8 megapixel camera, scanning all files within A3, and LED fill light, etc.
  • [A Multipurpose Scanner]the functions of video recording & real-time projecting make it suitable to work in various occasions, like making music scores or e-books, teaching, and meeting,etc. (*Only supports Windows operating system. *Not compatible with Mac OS.)
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iOCHOW Ultrasonic Cleaner

  • [Suitable For Cleaning A Varity of Small Items] As a fully functional ultrasonic cleaner,the iOCHOW MC100 is an ideal tool for cleaning your small items efficiently – Including glasses, false teeth, jewelry, watches, etc.
  • [Coming With A Double-Head Cleaning Device] The iOCHOW MC100 cleaner comes with a double-head cleaning device, which substantially improves its cleaning effect.
  • [A Perfect Device For Cleaning Hidden Dirt] The iOCHOW MC100 cleaner is designed by inertia principle, so it can easily remove the dirt and oil hidden in the slits of any small item.
  • [Adjustable Running State] The iOCHOW MC100 has two work mode – ‘STRONG’ and ‘WEAK’. the ‘WEAK’ mode is very useful for cleaning small precision instruments.
  • [With A Larger Volume] The volume of the iOCHOW MC100 is larger than mosUltrasonic Cleanert ultrasonic cleaners in the present, so that you can clean relatively larger items with it.(1.2L)
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iOCHOW C1 Dehumidifier

  • [Creative and Practical Design]Compared with large dehumidifiers, the C1 mini dehumidifier has a longer life and can easily dehumidify tiny or narrow spaces, such as wardrobes, bookcases, cupboards, bathrooms, etc.
  • [More Powerful Capability of Dehumidification]As a mini dehumidifier having a high dehumidifying capacity (1500ml/d), the capability of dehumidification of the C1 is more powerful than similar products. The water tank of the C1 provides a capacity of 2.4l, so usually the water tank won’t be full if you use it dehumidifying a small space properly. (*If the water tank is full,the device will power off by itself.)
  • [Efficient Negative Ion System ]It has always been known that negative ion can improve people’s sleep quality and immunity. Thanks to the generation system of negative ion of the C1, this dehumidifier can release plenty of negative ion to improve indoor air quality, so that you enjoy an entirely new lifestyle.
  • [UV Lamp to Protect Your Health]the C1 dehumidifier has a UV lamp with bactericidal function, which means that it’s able to kill most of bacteria and viruses harmful to your health efficiently when it works.
  • [Advanced Semiconductor Technology]Additionally, the C1 mini dehumidifier works smoothly and quietly thanks to its advanced semiconductor technology.
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Smartphone Gimbal

A Maltifunctional Smartphone Gimbal:iCODIS smartphone gimbals are a kind of electronic devices widely used in Selfies or Street Snap. Fixing your smartphone or camera on the device, you can shoot a wider range of scene smoothly and without shaking. As a uniaxial gimbal, it’s easy to keep your camera equipment straight (Within 45 degrees), suitable for making short films or taking photos outdoors.

Portable and Easy to Use: The device itself is very easy to carry, it can be put in your bag thanks to its portable and lightweight structure (Only weighs 0.49lb). As far as a gimbal is concerned, it’s not as complex as most consumer electronics, so it’s not difficult to use it properly.

Advanced Electronic Technologies: Unlike traditional gimbals designed according to gravity principle, the iCODIS smartphone gimbal comes with a high-tech chip to balance the device, so the balance is more accurate than the gimbals powered by classical mechanics principles.

An Unique ‘Power Bank’: The iCODIS smartphone gimbal comes with a 2600mAh of rechargeable battery and a USB port, so it also can be used as a power bank to charge your mobile devices, like smartphone or tablet. Also, it comes with a tiny mirror and a indicator light to facilitate the process of taking selfies

Creative Design: Thanks to its curved exterior and metallic surfaces, the iCODIS smartphone gimbal looks quite fashionable and beautiful. The color similar to platinum is gorgeous for a tech stuff.



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Vanity Mirror

NATURAL LIGHT SOURCE: The soft and natural light source is comfortable for long use. Unlike other vanity mirror’s this one won’t blind you.
A CREATIVE DESIGN: The strong and even distribution of soft natural light makes this a multi-purpose lamp, perfect for when you need to do your make-up, or when you’re reading!
AN ILLUMINATED MAKEUP MIRROR: Adjust the brightness thanks to its touchscreen interface, no matter your environment you can be sure that this vanity mirror is perfect for you.
SMART DESIGN: Thanks to it’s collapsible design, touch-interface, and USB charging port, our vanity mirror is not only user-friendly, but portable.
A 180° OF FREEDOM: Rotate and Swivel our vanity mirror to ensure not only comfort, but an even lighting for whenever you’re applying your favourite make-up!

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