Smartphone Gimbal

A Maltifunctional Smartphone Gimbal:iCODIS smartphone gimbals are a kind of electronic devices widely used in Selfies or Street Snap. Fixing your smartphone or camera on the device, you can shoot a wider range of scene smoothly and without shaking. As a uniaxial gimbal, it’s easy to keep your camera equipment straight (Within 45 degrees), suitable for making short films or taking photos outdoors.

Portable and Easy to Use: The device itself is very easy to carry, it can be put in your bag thanks to its portable and lightweight structure (Only weighs 0.49lb). As far as a gimbal is concerned, it’s not as complex as most consumer electronics, so it’s not difficult to use it properly.

Advanced Electronic Technologies: Unlike traditional gimbals designed according to gravity principle, the iCODIS smartphone gimbal comes with a high-tech chip to balance the device, so the balance is more accurate than the gimbals powered by classical mechanics principles.

An Unique ‘Power Bank’: The iCODIS smartphone gimbal comes with a 2600mAh of rechargeable battery and a USB port, so it also can be used as a power bank to charge your mobile devices, like smartphone or tablet. Also, it comes with a tiny mirror and a indicator light to facilitate the process of taking selfies

Creative Design: Thanks to its curved exterior and metallic surfaces, the iCODIS smartphone gimbal looks quite fashionable and beautiful. The color similar to platinum is gorgeous for a tech stuff.



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Vanity Mirror

NATURAL LIGHT SOURCE: The soft and natural light source is comfortable for long use. Unlike other vanity mirror’s this one won’t blind you.
A CREATIVE DESIGN: The strong and even distribution of soft natural light makes this a multi-purpose lamp, perfect for when you need to do your make-up, or when you’re reading!
AN ILLUMINATED MAKEUP MIRROR: Adjust the brightness thanks to its touchscreen interface, no matter your environment you can be sure that this vanity mirror is perfect for you.
SMART DESIGN: Thanks to it’s collapsible design, touch-interface, and USB charging port, our vanity mirror is not only user-friendly, but portable.
A 180° OF FREEDOM: Rotate and Swivel our vanity mirror to ensure not only comfort, but an even lighting for whenever you’re applying your favourite make-up!

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